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  • Client: HappyMed. / Date: March 2015. / Category: Animation, Sound Design.

Whenever a surgery or treatment is approaching, many patients start feeling anxious and uncomfortable well in advance. Even thinking of it is often enough to evoke nervousness and unease. With HappyMed you help your patients relax before, during and after treatments. Video glasses and earphones create a gentle and non-pharmaceutical distraction. By making use of positive audiovisual distraction, feelings of anxiety and unease can be left behind. Your patients choose from a wide range of licenced media content – concerts, documentaries, children’s and feature films, as well as action and relaxation videos. At the push of a button, HappyMed is ready to use and intuitive to operate. Your infrastructure does not need to be extended, as our system works in a mobile, flexible and self-sufficient way.